Sports activities

Sports activities

Multifunctional playground M.K.

Right here you can play sports, play PING-PONG – singles, doubles or round robin, you play to the basket – BASKET, you’re going to pinkette BADMINTON over the net, with the little ones you will learn to shoot from the bow – Archery, you will kick the big gate – FOOTBALL, you will discharge excess energy at TURNBALL or play MINIHOCKEY. The playground is newly built and we try to keep it in the best order, so the rental of all equipment is subject to a refundable deposit.

Multifunctional and workout playground Rovensko pod Troskami

This course is located 400 metres as the crow flies from us and is freely accessible.

You will find an artificial grass surface, four basketball hoops, two football goals, a 100m running track and a newly built,

fully equipped workout playground. For other activities there is also a grassy surface of about 20x50m.

Sports hall Rovensko pod Troskami

Less than 20m from the multifunctional playground is a newly built sports hall, which can be
in agreement with the mayor of the local school to reserve for private sporting events at really symbolic prices.

Football field Rovensko pod Troskami

Not only with soccer cleats you can go less than a kilometer to the local football field.

This area also offers a pleasant seating area with refreshments and a playground for the youngest and older children.

The playground is fenced so you can enjoy up to four types of beer while your kids play,

goodies from the grill or sweets from local sales.

Opening hours of the kisoku at the playground depend mainly on the weather, normally Mon-Fri from 17:00 and at the weekend from 15:00.

The football field has standard regulation dimensions and is managed by the town of Rovenska pod Troskami.

For private sporting events, prior arrangements must be made with the manager.

Swimming pool Rovensko pod Troskami

The 20x20m swimming pool is located 1.5km from our accommodation and is free to access at any time of the day.
You can reach it in less than 25 minutes at walking pace.
On hot summer days, you can hide in the shade of mature trees or catch a bronze tan on the spacious meadow.
The swimming pool is not overcrowded with people, as is usual in similar places. You can also use the volleyball court for free
with pure white sand.
The swimming pool is managed by the town of Rovenska pod Troskami.

Playground and tennis courts Koberovy

Wibledon or lots of happiness for the kids? How about both at once, complemented by a beautiful and informative promenade?
No problem! Only 13 minutes drive from us you will find all this in the picturesque village of Koberovy, which is also
the perfect place to start for many more trips.
A freely accessible children’s playground with a sunken trampoline, many children’s attractions and an in-line track.
Tennis courts available for private use by agreement with the City of Koberovy.
Social facilities in the adjacent school and the possibility of buying refreshments in the nearby supermarket.